Enzo Blonk joins Cobuilder as Head of Market Europe

For the successful execution of Cobuilder’s strategic goals, mission and vision, the company needs forward-thinking professionals who can drive our progress even further. This is why we are proud to welcome Enzo Blonk to Cobuilder, as the new Head of Market Europe.

His expertise will greatly benefit the company as his professional background includes a long and successful track record in logistics and in AIDC (Automatic Identification and Data Capture) before joining the GS1 Global Office in 2012.

During an extensive career at GS1, Enzo first was in charge of Community Engagement for the EPC-RFID standard and the Apparel sector. Since 2016 and still within GS1, he was responsible for Technical Industries, comprising of ten large global sectors, including defence, energy and mining,…

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