2021 Infographics on Digitalisation in the construction sector

State of play, digitalisation in construction: The EU construction sector is making progress in the uptake of digital technologies. The integration of digital technologies is often viewed as a key element to tackle some of the main challenges it is faced with, such as labour shortage, competitiveness, resource and energy efficiency, and productivity. In fact, the digitalisation of the construction sector is particularly important in times when the construction sector faces labour shortages and a profitability margin squeeze. The sector also generates 374 million tonnes of construction and demolition waste (CDW) in the EU, making it the largest producer of CDW in the EU in terms of mass.

The technologies presented are, in some cases, heavily interconnected. To give an example, the report analyses sensors, drones, and robotics as three separate technologies; however, drones can be equipped with various sensors and robot-ic parts. At the same time, 3D scanning, BIM, Augmented…

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