BauZ! Vienna Congress on Sustainable Building

BauZ! 2021, the 18th Vienna Congress for Sustainable Building, is accompanying the industry’s fresh start in 2021. Subsequent to the Advantage Austria B2B matchmaking event “Future of Building”, on two days, forward-looking solutions and concepts will be presented and discussions with a domestic and international audience will be held..

We are calling for contributions: your contribution can either be the presentation of a construction project or a (completed) piece of research. Digitization, BIM, and prefabrication may play a role in the contribution, yet the main focus should be on one of the following topics :

1. Livable neighborhoods

What is a neighborhood? It is the area that you can cover on foot, in which you will – in the corresponding range of movement – hopefully find a stop of a means of transport running frequently. Such an area is home to several thousands up to several ten thousands of inhabitants and is referred to as a “Grätzl” in Vienna.

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