My So Called Strife

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This is my comic. I used to do them every day. Now I don’t. They’re all here though – even the rubbish ones from the beginning – and I still do them a lot. I’m on twitter at @mysocalledstrif. Say hello!

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My So Called Update ·
Jimmy Tooombs

Socks ·
Jimmy Tooombs

Princess ·
Jimmy Tooombs

Catch up! ·
Jimmy Tooombs

Merry Strifemas ·
Jimmy Tooombs

LAST SHOUT COS IT’S TOO COLD TO GO TO THE POST OFFICE TWICE. Anyone want a copy of my end of year mixtape/mini-zine? Will post to anywhere, but a reminder that I’m asking for £3, to my Paypal at, with all proceeds to Amnesty. I think Amnesty do amazing work 365 days a year, but especially with the tragedy of Aleppo, it’s a reminder of how much human rights need protecting. Anyhow, if you want one, send me the £3, DM me a postal address here or email…

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