Unexploded WWII bomb – Bermondsey 23.03.15

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The storify captures some of the key information from social media relating to the discovery and response to an unexploded bomb in Bermondsey.

Advice for residents: http://bit.ly/1ECyhqd or call 020 7525 0593

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Wed, Nov 02 2016 22:13:00

This 'as it happened' Storify tells the story of the Bermondsey bomb and shows just how many organisations are involved in the response.
To find out more about preparing for emergencies in London head to www.londonprepared.gov.uk

We’re attending a believed unexploded WWII bomb on Henley Drive in #Bermondsey. Firefighters are assisting police. http://t.co/dJyglNsE0K ·
London Fire Brigade

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