Twadvent 2011

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Twadvent is a social advent calendar populated by tweeters. Simply tag your pictures with #Twadvent to take part. You could also win a fantastic digital photo frame thanks to Kodak, details at Merry Christmas!

Storified by Stuart Witts ·
Tue, Sep 20 2016 15:33:05

WPIX The Original Yule Log ·

I recognise this guy #xmas #twadvent ·
Steve Cole

Jacob has a few pressies to open in the morning, I can’t wait #twadvent #xmas ·
Steve Cole

Deck the Halls with Balls; Ho Ho Ho. #Twadvent @stuartwitts ·

Remember the Reason for the Season. #Twadvent @stuartwitts ·

The wonder of Christmas. #Twadvent @stuartwitts ·

Looking forward; never backwards….

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