Seminar : "Lean Design and Construction"

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Lean Construction Institute UK – RIBA CPD Seminar / Workshop

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Fri, Jul 08 2016 16:58:42

FINALCAD participated in the "Lean Design and Construction" RIBA seminar and workshop event that took place in Keynsham, Bristol on 19th May 2016. It was one of 14 such events being held in cities throughout the UK; given by Lean Construct UK, an offshoot of the US Lean Construction Institute and was sponsored by Luxonic. It occurred at a time when it is perceived that the industry has reached a "tipping point" in favour of lean construction.
As the Lean Construction Institute outlines in their May 2016 newsletter: UK contractors such as Skanska and Costain are amongst those now using these terms in their businesses.
These events are aimed at Architects, contributing to their Continuing Professional Development (CPD). Construction software and mobile app developer FINALCAD has created and continues to develop digital…

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