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After months of unpacking and analyzing the SIHPI team’s researchfrom this summer, we have come full circle. We presented this past weekend atthe Consortium of Universities for Global Health (CUGH) conference in SanFrancisco. Our poster included a condensed version of what is in our (soon-to-be-madepublic report). However, the conference really was the end point of a muchlonger journey of analyzing our data.

After returning from India, we worked with design-thinkingconsultant Liz Ogbu to come up with astrategy to parse the large amount of data we had collected last summer. Ourstrategy included selecting a representative sample of our interviews with eachof the players we had identified in the pharmaceutical network of peri-urbanMumbai. We then broke each of these interviews down into their individualquotes, facts and details, and then sorted these fragments into cohesivethemes. Within each theme we identified insights to illuminate the complexityof both prescription practice and…

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